Tuesday, September 10, the students of TK Untuk Indonesia went on a field trip to Surabaya Fire Station at Pasar Turi. At 7 am in the morning, Ms. Ria—the principal—and all the students was ready to leave. They looked so excited as the driver picked them up. Arrived at the fire station, the fire fighters welcomed and introduced them to fire fighters’ equipments including uniform and their safety kit. The thing that is really important was the education of things they should do in case of fire. The fire station’s representative mentioned dos and don’ts when the fire happened. The students also told to dial emergency number 112 and remain calm while trying to extinguish the fire until the fire fighters come.

After socialization session, they played some games such as question-answer game also roleplay game, they were so excited that they could sparge water to each other during the roleplay game. And then the event continued by strolling around Tugu Pahlawan with the fire fighters truck. All of them looked so happy as the siren started to beep. And before the lunch time, all the students went back home.

This event is very educative and informative for the students. It acknowledges them about how to handle fire and what to do immediately when the fire happened. It is an important knowledge they should have earlier and very useful until later.