Tuesday, September 3rd 2019, G Suites Hotel held an opening ceremony for The Gardener. Began at 11.30 a.m., this ceremony was attended by all the hotel staff including the management of Amithya Hotels & Resorts. Ms. Rucita Permatasari as the Managing Director of Amithya Hotels & Resorts gave the opening speech and explain a glance of The Gardener’s concept itself. And then, continued by “Tumpengan” as a symbolization of the new restaurant’s grand opening.

The Gardener is the reconceptualization of G Lounge. Just as its name, this new restaurant and café makes the guests feel like they are in an indoor garden since The Gardener has green and refreshing ambience. The Gardener will be operating from breakfast to dinner time, which makes the guests able to enjoy many kinds of foods and beverages at any time. Besides, this new restaurant is just a sight away from the lobby, a unique view for the guests to enjoy.

According to Mr. Anton Subiyakto, the management hopes this reconceptualization will bring new vibes and new spirit for the hotel itself. The Gardener is also expected to comfort the guests’ stay by serving various and tasty dishes with a gorgeous, great and groovy conceptualized restaurant.