Thursday, October 24th ,2019

Amithya hotel & resorts is company in the field of hotel management service (hospitality) that already have 9 (nine) hotel and villas are Grand Darmo Suite Surabaya, G Suite Surabaya, De Baghraf Hotel Sumenep, Kaberaz hotel Sumenep, 18 suites villa loft Bali, Coral Villa Bali, Grand Mozza Hotel Timika, and One South Banyuwangi.

As aprofesional company in the hospitality, amithya realizes that uniform is an important component in building the brand identity of a company, especially in the service sector. Uniform not only create a certain impression of a hotel, but also become apart that influence the atmosphere created by a hotel.

According the service commitment of Amithya “ We Serve Better” , which in this case is demonstrated by collaborating wit La Salle College Surabaya in making employee uniform design for all properties both of hotel and villa managed by Amithya. The uniforms designed adhust to the hotel category are :

1. Budget hotel uniform design

2. Middle scale business hotel uniform design

3. Middle scale leisure hotel uniform design

4. Upscale business hotel uniform design

5. Upscale Leisure hotel uniform design

and the same time be able to turn Amithya and its managed properties into a hospitality company with the best commitment.

In addition to referring the hotel category, the design created by implementing accordance with Amithya standart service , “ chic, stylish& exciting”

This event is attending by the team from Amithya, Mrs Elant Siswi A (Corp Human Resources Manager), Mr Anton Subiyakto (Director Operational), Mr. Hendro (Director Financial), Mr. Putu Galang (Digital and distribution manager), while from La Salle is attend by Mr. Prana,as School Principle and team of teaching and student.

Amithya hopes, with the new employee uniform design can further enhance the brand identity of a hotel service