TK Untuk Indonesia is a kindergarten managed by Amithya Foundation as a form of Amithya Hotels & Resorts’ social responsibility. Located in Lesti  Street, this kindergarten has been providing pre-elementary education for underprivileged children—especially ex-prostitute’s children.

Still in the vibe of independence day, Amithya Foundation held several competitions for the students of TK Untuk Indonesia on August 22 and 23, 2019. There are Lomba Mewarnai Bendera, Lomba Makan Semangka, Lomba Memindahkan Karet, Bakiak and other traditional competitions. The event took place in the school yard, organized by the school teacher. All the students of TK Untuk Indonesia participated in this two-days events. The joy and happiness sparks from their eyes, as they showed their best move during the competition.

The goal of this annual event is to acknowledge the students that Indonesia has this unique culture for welcoming the independence day. Furthermore, we are hoping to encourage the students that they should love and contribute to their motherland through great achievements in education.